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Youtube Recap: Corey Wilton’s Pegaxy Q&A

By: Gabby Gorgonio | February 3, 2022
Youtube Recap: Corey Wilton’s Pegaxy Q&A

This article was written mostly by Carla Calitis of the Pegaxy team, reviewed and posted by Gabby Gorgonio.

  1. How will you address the $VIS price and what other burning mechanisms will you use when people decide to cash out profits instead of breeding new Pegas?

    We have 4 different routes which the ETA is in roughly 4 months:
    – Burning Pega to create a stadium
    Example: Burn 500 Pega and you will get a stadium which the profit will outweigh the 500 Pega that was burnt. The Pega population is going to be much higher and prices can drop depending on the supply and demand ratio.
    – Prestige System
    If you are an owner of 7/7 Pega, merge two 7/7 Pega and it will produce a “Prestige 1” Pega who can race and earn VIS and PGX. Roughly over 650,000 VIS will need to burn to get a Prestige Pega.
    – Lease to Breed System
    This is a system that allows owners to create a rental contract between themselves and a renter/scholar that will result in the scholar becoming a Pega owner, and burn all of their earned VIS during the contract.This can happen by allowing owners to set a specific VIS amount (for example 15,000 VIS) in the rental contract where whatever the scholar earns during the rental contract goes to an escrow wallet. Earnings are held until the 15,000 (or specified) target is hit. Once the target is hit, the owner will have 72 hours to insert 2 Pega into the contract that will be bred using the 15,000 VIS. The resulting baby Pega is automatically transferred to the scholar/renter, and any excess VIS beyond the breeding costs is transferred to the owner as profit. The reason the excess may exist is because owners will want to charge a breeding premium because increasing breed count reduces the resale price of a Pega.For example the owner sets the requirement at 20,000 VIS however plans to breed two 2 Breed Count Pega, this means it will be 12,000 VIS to breed. The remaining 8,000 VIS would be considered the breeding premium. It should be noted that the scholar will be the one to pay the 30 PGX fee to breed.

    If the owner does not insert the 2 Pega for breeding within 72 hours, the VIS is automatically transferred to the scholar in full.

    – Buying Energy to enter another race
    An example of this burning mechanism could be players purchasing with 100 locked VIS for a piece of food that will be burned in order to enter a different race where prize pool for VIS is bigger.

  2. How will you and the team handle massive growth of players in Pegaxy?
    We have a cooldown feature among Pega bloodlines which allows us to predict the growth and plan accordingly.
  3. What will Pegaxy be 6 months from now? How will you and the team handle massive growth of players in Pegaxy?
    We don’t know but we have a vision. However, note that some things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes we learn and screw up. For sure by 6 months, team of Pegaxy will be more experienced, more confident in our ability, the game is more developed, and we will be a lot better.
  4. Are you open for opportunities to collaborate with other P2E games?
    Yes, we are open to it, it just needs to make sense. Sandbox or Decentraland are those that make sense especially if they are on the Polygon network. We can feature each other’s games.
  5. How do you plan to address potential Hoz overpopulation even before it gets to the point where 99% of Pegas are Hoz?
    Hoz is always going to be the most populated over time. The idea behind the rarities is just for the Founding Pega. We will try to balance the bloodlines as follows:

    • Hoz – 4 day race CD, 1 days breeding CD 
    • Campona – 3 days Race CD, 2 days breeding CD 
    • Klin – 2 days Race CD, 3 days breeding CD 
    • Zan – 1 day race CD, 4 days breeding CD
  6. What will be the ideal $VIS value for it to be sustainable both for scholars and breeders? Would there be more $VIS burning mechanisms? If not, are these accessible not just for breeders but also for scholars and when?
    Corey’s opinion – It should move up and down a lot. That creates a lot of flipping opportunities in the market. Pool is small and it does not need too much to influence it. Such a small pool would allow for massive movement to the upside and downside and that gets people attached to the price, one could be waiting for that downward movement and then suddenly it spikes up high. This messes up people’s plans, but it gamifies the whole situation and makes VIS unpredictable. It could even drop to where SLP is right now and/or it could pump again just like now. No one really knows.
  7. When Pegas start being controlled, will the game remain accessible to everyone, or will it really be the best who are rewarded?
    The most skilled should be the most rewarded, however everyone should have an equal opportunity to earn. There should be no pay to win in the game.
  8. Will there be eventual benefits for the breed types?
    Benefits will always be external to the game. Founding has had access to the 3D closed Beta game earlier with the other rarities coming next. In terms of the game, all should have equal opportunity to win.
  9. Will there be a cap to the number of Stadiums once they are released?
    It’s likely that stadiums are unlimited. We don’t need a cap, we just make it difficult to attain. One will only make a tough decision to burn a lot of Pega, but the reward will be good.
  10. What’s your share profit percentage? Set the standard.
    The standard at the moment is 30% and below to reduce the selling pressure of VIS. When selling pressure is reduced, the token value increases and/or will be more stable, hence why the low % for profit sharing.
  11. Future listing or $PGX and $VIS (3 months) in major exchanges?
    It’s possible, if we are popular, usually some exchanges will list. We are not planning any, if we do go for one, it will probably since they invested in us. There will be around 100k DAU in 2 months so let’s see what happens.
  12. When player-controlled is available, will it be like Mario Kart? If so, how will the stadium look, just a straight line?
    Our inspiration is Mario Kart. It’s competitive and fun when played with friends. However, we are not making a Mario Kart with horses. The stadium will not be in a straight line. Note that the update in player-controlled will come to stages: example is buttons > strategy > until we reach player-controlled.
  13. Why have multiple breed types if you will just balance them? Don’t you think it’s dangerous not to release what the stats do for those that are breeding now? Could upset a lot of breeders in the future not knowing what’s good or bad.
    The reality is, with a game that has been out in 2 months, we don’t know what exactly will happen in 12 months. The stats affect the track so don’t just go for the higher percentages since it can be detrimental to the track.
  14. Can you share details of how and where you plan to expand your teams at the current growth rate of Pegaxy?
    We plan to expand in Customer Service, developers, game designers, artists, and 3D teams. There are also plans to make an animated series in the future.
  15. Given the surge in popularity of Pegaxy, are there changes in your priorities? What are your top 3 priorities to release now?
    Priority 1:  We need to recruit staff fast. We need more hands as we grow.
    Priority 2: Releasing new features / mechanics
    Priority 3: Mobile Beta Release
  16. When skins?
    This is another burning mechanism. Skins will be attached to wallets, giving scholars the ability to purchase their own skins. Such can be a Gacha system so it can be fun and more interesting. We can enable merging skins and creating rarer skins, and scholars will be able to buy them with VIS and sell them in USDT in the Marketplace. We are open for suggestions.
  17. Is it 100% RNG or stats/breed rarity play a factor? If it is not RNG, can you tell us what % of win rate variation is RNG vs other factors?
    The only other factors besides RNG are the attributes of your Pega and the attributes of the track. They do relate and interact with each other. When you are racing (for 3D users), you slow down and speed up all the time. When that happens, that means you are interacting with the attributes of the track and that determine the results. % wise, we cannot define it at the moment. After all, you can look at the basis as RNG since you cannot control the gameplay.
  18. Do you think VIS will repeat the history of SLP? If not, how will you prevent it from happening?
    We don’t know, we are not in control of the Market. However we understand that VIS needs to be burned. Let’s not repeat history.
  19. Are you guys open to do a buyback of $VIS from the treasury to establish a floor price if the worst scenario becomes a reality?
    Probably not. A buyback is temporary. The assets will keep producing VIS, making buyback unnecessary. If we need to buy back forever, then the game will not exist anymore because it will be broken.
  20. How can those doing a scholarship program maximize our security?
    You can run your scholarship program using a single wallet, if you want extra security, you can use Trezor.
  21. Did you adjust the win-rate of Pegas to protect the VIS price?
    We have not adjusted anything. Win rate is based on Top 3 positions but each position has different VIS rewards: Top 1 is 105, Top 2 is 44, and Top 3 is 26. You may have a consistent win rate but the actual position in the Top 3 and how much you are earning is definitely changing and that’s the reality.
  22. Will it be possible to do private races betting VIS?
    Private races will happen in the future. Example is a private match for 5 people by invite and compete directly. But the betting side, that’s difficult. We don’t want to be an online casino. We don’t want to risk it for you, but we will figure it out for sure.
  23. Do you get any kind of return in the MATIC gas fee? Is it possible to implement a renting system without a gas fee? Cause I feel like it’s impossible to rent nowadays.
    No, you don’t get a return. You only spend cents. Free-gas already exists by direct rental system. If a guild sends a Pega to you, you won’t need MATIC for gas. In response to the issue being impossible to rent nowadays, we will create a reverse-engineered renting system. Current system gets botted all the time. They will keep coming and coming. With the reverse engineering, instead of having a marketplace, there will be no interface. What happens is scholars will be queued. Owners will have a button in their profile to click “Rent”, set the percentage, and it will go to the person who is willing to accept the offer. The scholar just needs a verified account, which can be KYC to make sure the owners are protected. Managers will not need to KYC but only those who did not invest in the game will need to KYC. However, KYC is optional, and managers can choose whether they will require KYC or not. It will have a button like “Accept KYC-scholars | Accept non-KYC scholars”.
  24. While the amount of Pega, breeding appears to be healthy right now. Are there plans to increase the breeding cooldowns in the future to avoid an exponential rise in the Pega population?
    It’s possible to increase the breeding time required and allow you to pay more PGX to reduce the breeding time.
  25. Why doesn’t the game show VIS per race as well as win-rate? This is the important number. Win-rate is misleading.
    Definitely win-rate is an interesting one. Don’t rely on win-rate when buying Pega as such could be skewed from the previous bugs and imbalances. If you want to figure out the VIS per race, just go to Apollo, look at the Pega’s lifetime earnings, and the amount of races that it has done and divide it by that. It’s easy to calculate.
  26. Is there any plan related for the Liquidity Pool?
    You are reaping the benefits of a small pool right now. A lot of people are wondering why VIS and PGX doing better among other tokens in the bear market, but the reality is we are not on major exchanges, so we don’t have any retail money going as a risky investment. When the market goes down they freak out and withdraw the money. Plus, the small liquidity pool allows the big movements on the downside and big movements on the upside. It’s a fact in the game that a lot of people undervalue. The community dictates the price. If you want the price to go up, don’t sell much– burn VIS instead.
  27. Is Pegaxy planning to revise the breeding token costs soon?
    No, not just yet. The reason why this system doesn’t work usually is because there is no incentive for breeding 7/7 and beyond so let’s fix that first.
  28. Will there be more uses or perks for those who received their fabled token? Like early access to buy a stadium maybe.
    No. Those Fabled Tokens are a thousand dollars or more even if you got it for free by referring someone into the game during the NFT sale. Moreover, you can use Fabled Tokens to attempt to evolve your normal Pega to a crowned Pega. If you have a crowned Pega from 5 Fabled Tokens, that is a good enough incentive.
  29. When will the Pegaxy app be released?
    Q1 is the goal of close Beta release and gradual public release.
  30. Are there plans to create new revenue streams for the Pegaxy economy, so the growth won’t be that reliant on players just like MIR4? (Advertisements on stadium, Pegaxy website, Apollo, Mobile App, etc…). If yes, how do you plan to integrate the revenue from those advertisements to the Pegaxy economy?
    There’s always a route, I think stadiums are really going to be a big one for that because of the number of races that will happen on it every single day. How to integrate it will be difficult, we need to figure that out. How to benefit the economy better, we will also figure out.
  31. What are the lessons learned by Pegaxy from other P2E games and how did Pegaxy strategize to address this issue?
    Axie Infinity and Zed Run are the ones that we looked at. We took a lot of systems from Axie and thought about how we can evolve and make them better. We essentially strategized by experiencing such at first hand.
  32. What are your plans on stopping the usage of bots altogether? Not just banning players or accounts if they are caught but how will you be able to stop them?
    It’s obvious to see in blockchain if something odd is happening, such as botting. Don’t expect that they will be on top since we are dealing with real money here. We will reverse-engineer that and be sure to stop them.
  33. As an owner of 30+ Pega and paying scholars I would like to get more info on the potential impacts going forward for owners. The impacts this could have on the secondhand marketplace to incentivize scholars I think is great, just making sure angles have been reviewed.
    If we are talking about the normal leasing system, at 7/7 the Pega isn’t dead. You can still race it. However, those burning mechanisms in question goes into play like the Prestige Pega.
  34. I’m interested to know if the PGX used for breeding were locked in treasury? If yes, what is the process of releasing those? From whitepaper – 100% of PGX token go to studio or treasury (if treasury is initiated)
    Treasury is not yet initiated. You will know when it is. Currently, those PGX tokens are going into the studio as profit. However, we don’t have any use for them at the moment. We also take revenue from the marketplace when you buy and sell Pega. These PGX tokens are unlocked, and we can use them anytime. It’s possible that when the treasury is enacted, we will just deposit it into the treasury because we are not trying to dump the token on you.
  35. Even before I played this game, I thought of its strengths and weaknesses. I really liked the game but the downside of that is that it doesn’t have any excitement or challenge strategic skills as a gamer. Regardless of earnings we accumulate, I know it would be boring someday if we just watch the race and hope for luck. Are there plans to modify the gameplay for excitement except on changing gears?
    For sure. We are in beta, and its only been 2 months which is about 60 days. The game now is very basic but note that our game designers keep on working to make it more fun and exciting. The game is actually bigger than what you see. People love to build guilds, play the game and earn.
  36. Do you have plans on creating your own network to avoid gas fees like Sky Mavis (Ronin) did?
    I’m not too sure. There are many options. Polygon is doing totally fine right now. It could be something to happen in the future. We are also not sure if we will migrate to Ronin. That is something that we have at the back of our minds which we hopefully explore one day if they are open to it. However, discussions haven’t happened yet. We’ll see. Maybe we can make our own chain, or stay on Polygon, or maybe the Ronin team wants us to be part of their ecosystem as well. The benefit is we can choose.
  37. Will there be a swap Pega marketplace system or change gender (VIS burn) system in the future? To avoid scams.
    We will integrate a permission-less swapping system so people in discord can just agree to enter the system and swap safely without the need of a middleman. The reason why is because we are a company, we make revenue in the marketplace and need that to continue building the game.
  38. What are your plans for when the Bear Market comes to Pegaxy?
    We will keep building, so don’t get attached to the token price since this will mess up your head. Just expect movement in the market. We are looking for a 5-10 year game here. We will focus on building.


Yes, you can fuse your Pega at any breed-count however the resulting Pega will always be:

  • Fuse to Rare – Rare with 2/7 Breed Count;
  • Fuse to Epic – Epic with 3/7 Breed Count;
  • Fuse to Legendary – Legendary with 4/7 Breed Count;

If you decide to fuse two Virgin Pacer Hoz, regardless of their breed count, the resulting Pega will be a 2/7 Rare Hoz.

The resulting Pega always has the “lower” bloodline, this is similar to the breeding mechanic.

If you fuse a Hoz Rare 2/7 and a Zan Rare 2/7, the resulting Pega will be a Zan Epic 3/7.

2 Pacers + 8,000 $VIS + 30 $PGX = 1 Rare

2 Rares + 16,000 $VIS + 30 $PGX = 1 Epic

2 Epics + 32,000 $VIS + 30 $PGX = 1 Legendary

In this game, you will need to own at least 1 Pega in order to play. You can buy a Pega in our marketplace. If you want it to try first before buying a pega you can also rent one and start for free or cheaper cost depending on the renting type. There are 3 types for renting:

1. Fixed fee renting – Here, you can play it for a certain amount of time. For instance, you can rent one Pega for 100 PGX for 2 days. Then you’ll earn as much as you can during those 2 days.
2. Profit share method – Here, owners are able to share profit amount (e.g. 70% for scholar and 30% for manager). This option allows you to start the game with almost 0% investment.
3. Direct Rental – This system is specifically designed for Guilds.Direct Rental allows a Manager to create a rental contract which they can rent out the Pega directly to the Scholar for them to accept. No other person besides the Scholar it was sent to will be able to accept the Scholarship.

You will be eligible to join the race once you have 1 pega, upon joining a race, you will be pushed into a lobby matching your Pega’s class, once the lobby is full, watch your Pega race against 11 others, if you manage to place in the top 3 you will be rewarded with VIS tokens.

No, you just need to pay gas fee for moving your pega to racing metaverse after that you can race your pega without paying gas fee.

Each Pega has 25 energy capped, 1 energy is restored per hour and 1 race needs 1 energy.

For you to be noticed by Pegaxy Managers you need to be active in their community, you can also share your talent as some Pegaxy Managers look for scholars to be their artist, designer, editor etc.

There are 3 types of renting.

1. Fixed fee renting – Here, you can play it for a certain amount of time. For instance, you can rent one Pega for 100 PGX for 2 days. Then you’ll earn as much as you can during those 2 days.

2. Profit share – Just head on to the Renting tab and keep on pressing F5 (refresh) button until you see a “x% for you” you will be needing MATIC tokens as gas fee for you to rent and you can use that Pega to play and earn!

3. Direct Rental – This system is specifically designed for Guilds. Direct Rental allows a Manager to create a rental contract which they can rent out the Pega directly to the Scholar for them to accept.

You can use PGX and USDT as the currency for buying a Pega on the Pegaxy marketplace, you will be needing additional MATIC tokens as gas fee.

Step 1: Add the VIS CA to your Metamask. Click on “Import Token” and paste the CA:

Step 2: Proceed to, connect your metamask, and switch to Polygon Network.

Step 3: Under “From”, click on “MATIC” then select any cryptocurrency (that is in Polygon Chain) you will use to purchase VIS tokens.

Under “To”, click on “KNC” below, then select “VIS” or paste the VIS CA.

Tips: 1% slippage is enough but if you would want a faster transaction, increase it to 3% or 5%. MATIC will be used for gas.

Step 4: Click “Swap”, then hit “Confirm Swap”.

Step 5: Your MetaMask will pop-up. Hit “Confirm”.

DONE! The VIS is in your MetaMask!

You can download Kiwi Browser or Yandex in Google Play Store and install MetaMask as an extension (from Chrome Web Store).

You can also use MetaMask app which can be downloaded in Google Play Store too!

1. Install Metamask to your playstore/appstore
2. Open/Create/Import your Metamask wallet
3. After you create/import your metamask wallet,
Click the three Gridlines at the left-side
corner of your screen.
4. Select Browser
5. At the Search bar, type
6. Once you are inside of page,
click the Connect tab, a small window pop-up appear then click Connect on Metamask

You can only breed opposite gender. Pega are metal machines, therefore when breeding, there are no restrictions. Breeding is possible with parents, children, grandchildren and so on.

The length of time needed for a baby Pega to be able to breed is 96 hours for all bloodlines.

24 hours for Hoz, 48 hours for Campona, 72 hours for Kline and 96 hours for Zan

24 hours for Zan, 48 hours for Klin, 72 hours for Campona, and 96 hours for Hoz

– The moment you connect your Metamask wallet on our website, is when your 15 days countdown began.
– Claim any time you want after your VIS is unlocked. You are not required to claim the moment it unlocks.(If you didnt claim your VIS after it unlocks, the following VIS you earn will be unlocked as well)
– The 15 day countdown resets from the point you claim.

The PGX is per breed. The VIS is per Pega, add the VIS cost of each Pega and then just add PGX.

Reset your metamask account, to reset your account go to metamask settings > advanced > reset account. This should clear all your pending transactions. Then try again edit the Gwei.
For your reference check the gas fee here

Changing your Pega’s name is now available! Click you Pega and choose the option to change name which can be seen on your Pega’s profile. This comes with a fee of 550 VIS.

Yes, what you have to do is go to My Assets > My Bids and withdraw it.

If Polygon is not Suspended in Binance:
1. Claim your locked VIS tokens in Pegaxy website
2. Check if the VIS tokens has reflected in your wallet in Metamask (If not, import VIS token address: 0xcC1B9517460D8aE86fe576f614d091fCa65a28Fc)
3. Swap VIS to USDC in Make sure to add USDC Polygon CA to your MetaMask: 0x2791bca1f2de4661ed88a30c99a7a9449aa84174
4. Send your USDC to your Binance. (Make sure to select Polygon Network in Binance USDC Deposit)
5. Convert USDC to USDT then sell your USDT in P2P Binance in exchange to your local currency.

If Polygon is Suspended in Binance:
1. Claim your locked VIS tokens in Pegaxy website.
2. Check if the VIS tokens has reflected in your wallet in Metamask (If not, import VIS token address: 0xcC1B9517460D8aE86fe576f614d091fCa65a28Fc)
3. Swap VIS to USDT in Make sure to add USDT Polygon CA to your MetaMask: 0xc2132d05d31c914a87c6611c10748aeb04b58e8f
4. Bridge USDT Polygon to USDT BSC using Synapse Brigde – or xPollinate –
5. Send your USDT to your Binance. (Make sure to select Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 in Binance USDT Deposit)
6. Sell your USDT in P2P Binance in exchange to your local currency