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Updated Roadmap 2023

By: Gabby Gorgonio | January 13, 2023
Updated Roadmap 2023

As promised, we are excited to share the updated Pegaxy 2023 Roadmap with you!

This revised roadmap reflects the team’s renewed focus on building a highly immersive 3D mobile gameplay experience for Pegaxy, as outlined in Pega Insider 8. We understand that our players and followers have been eagerly awaiting the development of the new mobile game, and finally more details are here!

Note: It is important to note that while we have a clear plan in place, this roadmap may still be subject to changes as the game development team is continuously working hard to deliver realistic goals. We are dedicated to creating the best possible game for our fans, and we will continue to adapt and adjust our plans as needed to ensure that we achieve this goal.

Let’s dig in!

Updated Roadmap 2023:

Q1 (January to March):
  • Skill-based Gameplay
  • PegaSwap
  • Chest
  • Level up Pega
  • User Account (Leveling)
  • New User Experience
  • Tutorial Experience
  • BGM, SFX

In the first quarter of 2023, we will be focusing on the core of the new skill-based game, as well as new chests, items, and Pega. Players can expect to see new features such as skill-based gameplay, where players will be able to test their skills against each other in real-time challenges. PegaSwap will also be introduced, where players can trade their Pega with each other. A new chest feature will be added, where players can collect and open chests to receive exclusive in-game items. The Level Up Pega feature will allow players to upgrade their Pega to make them stronger in battle. We’re also working on new user experiences, such as beginner quests and daily check-ins, and a tutorial experience that will guide new players through the game. Additionally, we’re adding new background music and sound effects to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Q2 (April to June):
  • First Time User experience: Beginner Quests, Daily Check-in
  • Battle Pass – Season 1
  • 1 New Game Mode, New Racetrack
  • Shop, Packages
  • Event
  • Skins
  • New Bloodline
  • New Skills

The second quarter will bring critical improvements to the gaming experience, including the launch of the Battle Pass – Season 1, new game modes, racetracks, and events. We will also be introducing new skins, bloodlines, and skills to keep gameplay fresh and exciting. A new shop and packages will also be added to the game, where players can purchase exclusive items and bonuses to help them advance in the game. Players can also participate in events to earn rewards and unlock new features.

Q3 (July-September):

In the third quarter, we will continue to improve gameplay and add new features, including the launch of Battle Pass – Season 2, new game modes, racetracks, and events. We will also be adding a new chat feature and guild system to enhance the community aspect of the game, allowing players to communicate with each other.

  • Battle Pass – Season 2
  • 1 New Game Mode, New Racetrack
  • Shop, Packages
  • Event
  • Skins
  • New Bloodline
  • New Skills
  • Chat
  • Guild
Q4 (October-December):

Finally, in the fourth quarter, we will be hosting a tournament for the Pegaxy community, launching of Battle Pass – Season 3, new game modes, racetracks, and events. Players will also see new skins, bloodlines, and skills added to the game. The tournament will bring all the new features together for a thrilling competition, where players can test their skills against the best players in the community and win exclusive rewards.

  • Battle Pass – Season 3
  • 1 New Game Mode, New Racetrack
  • Shop, Packages
  • Event
  • Skins
  • New Bloodline
  • New Skills
  • Tournament 


Q: Why did Mirai Labs stop developing the previous Pegaxy 2D/3D Game?
A: The previous game was no longer sustainable due to the lack of players, high overhead costs, and server expenses. In order to focus on releasing the new game with the highest quality and in a timely manner, it was necessary to halt development of the previous game.

Q: Once the new game is released in approximately three months, will it have all its features and functionality?
A: Not all game features will be available upon release. Please refer to the roadmap for the scheduled development and implementation of new features.

Q: Will our assets (Pega, Tokens, Items, Chests) be usable in the new game?
A: Yes, your assets will have utility in the new game once the corresponding features are implemented.

Q: What will happen to $VIS and $PGX?
A: Both tokens will be retained and may be used for future projects and experiments with their utility.

Q: Do you have plans to collaborate with other Game Studios?
A: Yes, we do have plans for collaborations with other studios. However, marketing efforts for these partnerships will take place after the game is completed and ready for release.



Yes, you can fuse your Pega at any breed-count however the resulting Pega will always be:

  • Fuse to Rare – Rare with 2/7 Breed Count;
  • Fuse to Epic – Epic with 3/7 Breed Count;
  • Fuse to Legendary – Legendary with 4/7 Breed Count;

If you decide to fuse two Virgin Pacer Hoz, regardless of their breed count, the resulting Pega will be a 2/7 Rare Hoz.

The resulting Pega always has the “lower” bloodline, this is similar to the breeding mechanic.

If you fuse a Hoz Rare 2/7 and a Zan Rare 2/7, the resulting Pega will be a Zan Epic 3/7.

2 Pacers + 8,000 $VIS + 30 $PGX = 1 Rare

2 Rares + 16,000 $VIS + 30 $PGX = 1 Epic

2 Epics + 32,000 $VIS + 30 $PGX = 1 Legendary

2 Legendary + 52,000 $VIS + 30 $PGX = 1 Legendary

In this game, you will need to own at least 1 Pega & a set amount of VIS in order to play. You can buy a Pega in our marketplace. If you want it to try first before buying a pega, there is an option to rent.

No, you just need to pay gas fee for moving your pega to racing metaverse after that you can race your pega without paying gas fee.

Each Pega has 25 energy capped, 1 energy is restored per hour and 1 race needs 1 energy.

For Drop Racing, 25 energy as well however…

  • Pacer will consume 5 energy
  • Rare will consume 4 energy
  • Epic will consume 3 energy
  • Legendary will consume 2 energy
  • Founding will consume 1 energy

For you to be noticed by Pegaxy Managers you need to be active in their community, you can also share your talent as some Pegaxy Managers look for scholars to be their artist, designer, editor etc.

You can use PGX, USDT and USDC as the currency for buying a Pega on the Pegaxy marketplace, you will be needing additional MATIC tokens as gas fee.

Step 1: Add the VIS CA to your Metamask. Click on “Import Token” and paste the CA:

Step 2: Proceed to, connect your metamask, and switch to Polygon Network.

Step 3: Under “From”, click on “MATIC” then select any cryptocurrency (that is in Polygon Chain) you will use to purchase VIS tokens.

Under “To”, click on “KNC” below, then select “VIS” or paste the VIS CA.

Tips: 1% slippage is enough but if you would want a faster transaction, increase it to 3% or 5%. MATIC will be used for gas.

Step 4: Click “Swap”, then hit “Confirm Swap”.

Step 5: Your MetaMask will pop-up. Hit “Confirm”.

DONE! The VIS is in your MetaMask!

You can only breed opposite gender. Pega are metal machines, therefore when breeding, there are no restrictions. Breeding is possible with parents, children, grandchildren and so on.

The length of time needed for a baby Pega to be able to breed is 96 hours for all bloodlines.

24 hours for Hoz, 48 hours for Campona, 72 hours for Klin and 96 hours for Zan

Baby Pega will only be able to generate energy after the initial 24 hours for Zan, 48 hours for Klin, 72 hours for Campona, and 96 hours for Hoz,

– The 15 day countdown begins when you first connected your wallet.
– Withdraw any time you want after your VIS is unlocked. You are not required to withdraw the moment the VIS is unlocked. This allows you to be able to unlock the following VIS you earn so long as you have a claim ready.
– The 15 day countdown resets from the point you claim.

The PGX is per breed. The VIS is per Pega, add the VIS cost of each Pega and then just add PGX.

Reset your metamask account, to reset your account go to metamask settings > advanced > reset account. This should clear all your pending transactions. Then try again edit the Gwei.
For your reference check the gas fee here

First, put your Pega in idle state, then on the Pega details screen, look for an edit icon next to the Pega name. Renaming your Pega will cost you 550 VIS.

Yes. In order to reclaim your funds, go to My Assets > Sale History > Auction.

If Polygon is not Suspended in Binance:
1. Claim your locked VIS tokens in Pegaxy website
2. Check if the VIS tokens has reflected in your wallet in Metamask (If not, import VIS token address: 0xcC1B9517460D8aE86fe576f614d091fCa65a28Fc)
3. Swap VIS to USDC in Make sure to add USDC Polygon CA to your MetaMask: 0x2791bca1f2de4661ed88a30c99a7a9449aa84174
4. Send your USDC to your Binance. (Make sure to select Polygon Network in Binance USDC Deposit)
5. Convert USDC to USDT then sell your USDT in P2P Binance in exchange to your local currency.

If Polygon is Suspended in Binance:
1. Claim your locked VIS tokens in Pegaxy website.
2. Check if the VIS tokens has reflected in your wallet in Metamask (If not, import VIS token address: 0xcC1B9517460D8aE86fe576f614d091fCa65a28Fc)
3. Swap VIS to USDT in Make sure to add USDT Polygon CA to your MetaMask: 0xc2132d05d31c914a87c6611c10748aeb04b58e8f
4. Bridge USDT Polygon to USDT BSC using Synapse Brigde – or xPollinate –
5. Send your USDT to your Binance. (Make sure to select Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 in Binance USDT Deposit)
6. Sell your USDT in P2P Binance in exchange to your local currency