Pegaxy: Predict Feature

Pegaxy: Predict Feature

If you're holding onto your PGX tokens, playing the game, and feeling confident about your instincts with the racing guilds in Pegaxy, then you're in luck. Pegaxy's Predict feature offers an extra thrill that you'll love.

Pegaxy Predict

The “Predict” feature allows players to use their PGX tokens to speculate on the top-performing guild of the day based on Guild Points.

This allows for a more engaging and exciting way to support your guilds while allowing you to claim rewards if you win your play!

Here’s how it works:

  • Users use their PGX tokens to predict the top-performing Guild.
  • At a specified time, a snapshot is taken to determine the top-performing Guild.
  • 5% of the total PGX used for prediction is burned, while the remaining 95% is split among players who correctly predict the top Guild.
  • Rewards are distributed to players based on the percentage of PGX they contributed to the prediction pool of the winning Guild.

In cases of a tie in Guild Points, the following criteria are used to determine the winning Guild:

  • The Guild with the lowest number of members.
  • If the number of members is equal, the Guild with the lowest Guild level.
  • If Guild levels are equal, the Guild with the lowest Guild EXP.
  • If Guild EXP is equal, the Guild with the highest predicted PGX.
  • Finally, if all else is equal, the Guild with the highest predicted number of players is considered the winner.

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