Pegaxy Assets Management - Withdrawal:

Pegaxy Assets Management - Withdrawal:

Managing your PGX or VIS has never been easier with the Pegaxy Assets Manager, now available in the DApps section of our Mirai App!

With just a few simple steps, you can easily navigate this for withdrawing your assets for your in-game or on-chain needs. Let's get started!

Pegaxy Assets Management - Withdrawal:


Once you’ve logged into the game, check that your Mirai ID in-game matches your Mirai Wallet.

Your Mirai ID and Mirai Wallet should be similar.

This ensures that your assets will be reflected correctly within the Pegaxy App.

1. Open the Mirai App, and tap on [DApps] in the "Explore Mirai" section.


2. Tap on the [Pegaxy Assets Management] button.


3. From there, the DApp will open. Click on the PGX icon below.


4. Now tap on Token Management.


5. Now you’re given the option to Deposit or Withdraw. In this example, we will [Withdraw].


6. Choose the asset you’re looking to withdraw in-game.In this example, we will withdraw PGX.


7. Place the exact amount of PGX you'd like to send in-game.


8. [Continue] to confirm the transaction.


9. Give it a few moments, and you're all set!

Remember that this same process can be used for VIS and that you can withdraw assets through token management!

You're all set to use your assets in-game! Feel free to explore your options and refer to this guide anytime you need the step-by-step process.