The Future of Multiplayer Horse Racing is Here!

Dominate the racetrack in this electrifying PvP play-to-earn game set in a mythical universe!
starsIntroducing Pegaxy: Blaze

New Generation

Pegaxy Blaze is a multiplayer horse racing game with futuristic Pega's battling to dominate the racetrack. Pega's are descendants of the mighty Pegasus. In this mobile game, players will participate in PvP races to win token rewards.

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starsIntroducing Pegaxy: Blaze

Unlock Rewards by
Joining a Guild

  • Build or Join a Team

    Grab your best players, friends or even scout from existing teams. Do whatever it takes to win.

    Build or Join a Team
  • Compete Head to Head

    Train, strategise and compete for prizes, bragging rights and money!

    Compete Head to Head
  • Earn, even if you don’t win

    Got some backers? Your team earns every time someone buys or sells a fraction of your team!

    Earn, even if you don’t win
Unleash the power of the Hoz where lightning meets the track. The rarest bloodline of the founding Pega, this mythic ride is elite and dominates the race.

Game Modes

Racing Arena
Team Battle
Solo Battle
Tournament mode

Game modes

Racing Arena

Use your best Pega to race with other 7 players on a random track. Try to be the 1st one to reach the finish line and claim rewards.

Team Battle

Same as Solo Battle but this time you'll be teamed up with random players in a 4v4 team battle.

Solo Battle

Battle against 7 players on a stunning battleground where it’s all about attacking other players with power-ups to score points.

Tournament mode

Join a guild so that you can compete against other guilds in tournaments. Help your guild rank up on the Season Leaderboard to earn crypto rewards.
starsIntroducing Pegaxy: Blaze

Custom Pega Skins

Check out the impressive collection of skins for your Pegasus.

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